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(2 Qs)1/2.Can user select a folder name in my dropdownlist?

Aug 22, 2009 at 3:46 PM

I have a folder name dropdownlist in my aspx page on top of your great silverlight upload control. Can user select one of these folders and selected files can be uploaded to selected folders? If possible, where is the code I write? and how to write?

2nd Q: CustomerParam problem. I know the HttpUploader_SilverlightMultiFileUploadTestPage.aspx calls the ashx file when uploading. But say, if there is a dropdownlist containing something and I want to pass user selected value to the ashx's method:

protected virtual void FinishedFileUpload(string fileName, string parameters).   My stupid question is :when uploading or uploading finished, how can I pass user's selected value of one dropdownlist to the ashx file? I am a begining learner, as far as i know,

the only place I can find is the aspx's javascript function function AllFilesFinished() .  But how can i pass? I really don't know..waiting for your reply of 2 questions.....from China Beijing..