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Example of using custom parameters

Apr 20, 2012 at 8:41 PM

I would appreciate an example of using the custom parameters.  I would like to pass a custom parameter to the HttpUploadHandler.ashx from an aspx page hosting the control.  Could someone post an example of this?


I get that you are supposed to use the CustomParams but how is it supposed to be formated

for example if I had a parameter x and I set it to 1 x=1

             <param name="initParams" value="MaxFileSizeKB=,MaxUploads=2,FileFilter=,ChunkSize=4194304,CustomParams=(Please show an example of what goes here ),DefaultColor=White" />


then how or should I say where do you retrieve it in the HttpUploadHandler.ashx

Apr 20, 2012 at 9:45 PM

You can put anything in the CusomParams, as long as it's a string. J just watch out for html or url encoding. Not sure what happens when you're using special characters.

For example:
<param name="initParams" value="MaxFileSizeKB=,MaxUploads=2,FileFilter=,ChunkSize=4194304,CustomParams=x_1_y_1,DefaultColor=White" />


<param name="initParams" value="MaxFileSizeKB=,MaxUploads=2,FileFilter=,ChunkSize=4194304,CustomParams=x1_y2,DefaultColor=White" />

You will receive that exact string in the HttpUploadHandler. So you can parse the string and get the correct values for x and y.