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AllFilesFinished event and Finished State

May 18, 2011 at 10:16 PM


First of all, thank you for this great control. I really like it. It is so flexible to wire up all kinds of events using javascript.

I have one question regarding AllFilesFinished event and the Finished State of each file row. 

I downloaded the version build 64119.

I modified AllFileFinished method to following in JavascriptIntegration_MultiFileUploadTestPage.html in web project.

function AllFilesFinished() {           

alert("Total Files Uploaded: " + slCtl.Content.Files.TotalUploadedFiles);  


Then I run this JavascriptIntegration_MultiFileUploadTestPage.html page, select a file, click "start upload" button on the page.

The alert pops up. I see the Total progress bar reaches 100% and the individual progress bar for each file is also full. But the green check sign that indicates "uploading complete" is not yet showing up.

After I click the "OK" button in the alert window, then the green check sign shows up.

Since the total progress bar is already reaches 100%, I would like to see the green check sign appears first then the alert window. Is it possible for me to modify the control to achieve this?

Could you tell me which files that I need to modify if it is convenient for you?