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Project Description
The Silverlight Multi File Uploader is a free Silverlight 5 application. It can be used to upload multiple files simultaneously to your website. Includes a Java

Also available as NuGet package:
PM> Install-Package mpost.slmfu.examples

Using the uploader on Azure?
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Silverlight Multi File Uploader is a free open source project that is developed in my personal time.
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The Silverlight Multi File Uploader is STABLE and ready for production environments.

- Select multiple files to upload
- Upload multiple files at the same time (asynchonous)
- Cancel a single upload, or clear the full list
- Shows the overall progress
- Error notification when upload failed
- Drag and drop files to the control

For developers / webmasters:
- Configure file extension filter (for example, only .jpg files)
- Configure maximum file size
- Configure the number of simultaneous uploads
- Input for custom parameters
- Basic webservice included
- Change the default color by setting a single parameter
- Text in resource file for easy localization
- JavaScript events and properties for integration in your website

Improved layout and design
Removed WCF Service. HttpHandler is default
Advantage of the HttpHandler: a lot faster, less requests to the webserver, better for high performance scenarios.

Single File Upload
Special version included for SINGLE file upload scenario's. Allows you to only upload 1 file,

Lite version
The Lite version of the Silverlight Multi File Uploader is only 1 button. With the button you can select files from your local disk.
All the other functionality can be used through custom JavaScript calls. This way you can totally integrate the control in your existing website.
Example of all JavaScript calls included.

SharePoint Integration
Easy SharePoint integration. A WebPart and HttpHandler that work with SharePoint are available as a seperate download.

PHP script included
There's a PHP script included. Now you're able to use the Silverlight Multi File Uploader on Apache server using PHP.

The Silverlight Multi File Uploader can be controlled using JavaScript. It has full JavaScript support. It's possible to use JavaScript for almost all of the functions in the Silverlight Multi File Uploader. There's an example for all the JavaScript options included. See the screenshot of the JavaScript only implementation below.

Download the Silverlight Multi File Uploader

Silverlight Multi File Uploader Website

Silverlight 4 Tools

For updates about the Silverlight Multi File Uploader and other projects, visit:
Silverlight Multi File Uploader Website


SharePoint Integration (WebPart and HttpHandler)

JavaScript ONLY Screenshot

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